Retail & Showroom Mezzanine Floors
December 16, 2021
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November 9, 2022

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine flooring is a quick and cost-effective way to create additional space in an occupied or new building.

Maybe you need more office, storage, or production space? Not a problem using Spaceway’s unique design and build approach.

We have been fitting out industrial, business, and office spaces since 1976 so we have the expertise and experience to provide mezzanine solutions within a broad range of applications. Here are just a few:


Plant Platform Mezzanines

Cafes and Restaurants


Schools and Universities

Night Clubs, Bingo Halls & Betting Shops


Retail and Shopping

Showroom spaces

We understand that as companies grow, they require new space and as a result have to either make better use of their existing workspace or consider moving into larger premises.

Here are some 4 of the main things people consider when thinking about installing a Mezzanine Floor.

4 Main Considerations When Buying a Mezzanine Floor

A mezzanine floor is a quick, economic, and relatively easy way to create additional floor space within your existing building.

The structure is professionally designed and then prefabricated before being delivered to site as a kit of parts for rapid installation.

Our flooring can be used for a wide range of functions, such as offices, storage, work platforms, manufacturing space, clean rooms, catwalk structures, rack support, and archive storage to name just a few.

We will provide friendly, professional advice and manage the entire installation for you.

Mezzanine floor heights are easily accommodated in buildings with a clear height of 5m or more – however, it is possible to fit our flooring into buildings with heights of as little as 4.6m.

The wide span grid is workable up to 14m.

Blending into the original structure, our floors are virtually indistinguishable.

All on-site services such as cabling and electricity can be easily installed during the construction.

Depending on the headroom available, we can also install multi-tier mezzanine flooring that takes full advantage of the cubic space available.

Although in most cases Planning Permission is not required, we will deal with any local authority building regulations.

As part of our service, we manage the entire process to ensure the installation meets requirements such as Disability Regulations (DDA), Part B (Fire Regulations), and Part L (Energy Conservation).

We have been designing mezzanine flooring for our clients since 1976, and we are confident that we can find our clients find more space, quickly with minimal disruption for a competitive price.

If you’d like to get an idea of much a new mezzanine might cost you then please have a look at our Mezzanine Calculator.

Mezzanine Floor Case Studies

Use our Free Online Calculator to find out how much a new Mezzanine Floor might cost.

Use our Free Online Calculator to find
out how much a new Mezzanine Floor
might cost.


Lydiard Park Academy

Our project was finished on time and to budget in what was a very short timescale, which is a credit to the team at Spaceway!

Nick Aikenhead


"I’m very pleased how they’ve gone through it all and actioned it and they’ve got good depth of resource, good depth of people, and good skilled people who work well and tightly and good communication. So I’m delighted."

Mark Rowe

Glenmore Consultants

The office fit out is superbly finished to the highest standards and beyond our expectations.

Redmayne Engineering

We were delighted with the service from Spaceway.


The project was challenging to say the least with the removal of 280 workstations and fitting of 400 new ones, along with collaboration areas and 400 bespoke lockers over two weekends, but Spaceway managed to complete this along with office refurbishment works on time and to an excellent standard.

Paul Callus

Plastimo UK Limited

We are delighted with the finished product. The space has been turned into an exceptional working environment, which will serve us well for years to come


Thank you to Spaceway for the improvements that have been made to move Bodywise forward. You've done a very good job and we look forward to working with you again.

A J Wells

Another project well done by Spaceway. As before, we're very pleased with everything from concept through to completion.

Stone Bridge United

We're very impressed with the Spaceway team and the whole project was installed without fault. We are looking forward to working with the team again.

Richard De Crausaz

Cookson Electronics

Spaceway worked with us to create the perfect environment for our staff. The completed project was fantastic and utilised the space to provide  practical, modern and attractive working surroundings.

Greg Bedford


It’s no good having just an empty industrial building you need a concept for space, a design, an infrastructure and someone to build it. Designing something like this from scratch with someone who’s willing to invest in your ideas, Spaceway is your perfect partner.


The project was designed to meet our specific requirements which included fitting in 20 more additional workstations using the existing space. The design works well and has met our expectations fully, we will continue to use Spaceway, they do a good job.

Alan Fisher

Car Link

“I was so happy I did not get bothered throughout the extensive works and that a strict timetable was completed flawlessly. Fantastic experience all round.”
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