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December 20, 2021
Happy New Year!
December 20, 2021

Well, I endured and completed the truly epic Raid 100 Pyrenees challenge in under 100 hours! This was easily the hardest physical and mental challenge I have undertaken. The word epic is so overused, but this ride is the definition of epic!

Day 1
A team of seven hardy souls started at exactly 9:00 am by the Atlantic Ocean in Hendaye. Day one was a gentler introduction to cycling across the Pyrenees mountains. We rode 96.61 miles and climbed 7,277 ft elevation in very sunny conditions all day. Some of the Cols we climbed on this day were…..
• Col D’ Osquich – Average grade: 2.9 %, Length: 12 km, Altitude start: 160 m, Altitude top: 507 m, Ascent: 347 m
• Col De Pinodieta – Average grade: 1.9 %, Length: 5.6 km, Altitude start: 70 m, Altitude top: 176 m, Ascent: 106 m
• Col de Saint-Ignace – Average grade: 4.6 %, Length: 3.32 km, Altitude start: 23 m, Altitude top: 177 m, Ascent: 154, Maximum: 13 %

To watch a terrain video of the day please click the image below:

Relive ‘Pyrenees Raid 100 – Day One’

Day 2
Starting early at 8:00 am the team were apprehensive about day two, as it contains some iconic and massive mountains. Plus, the weather forecast was for the sun to blaze all day with temperatures forecasts reaching up to 30 degrees. A long day in the saddle, totalling over 105.57 miles and 15,455 ft of climbing elevation. Some of the Cols climbed this day were……
• Col D’Aubisque – Average grade: 6.5 %, Length: 12 km, Altitude start: 710 m, Altitude top: 1489 m, Ascent: 779 m, Maximum: 10 %
• Col de Soulor – Average grade: 4.4 %, Length: 2.6 km, Altitude start: 1360 m, Altitude top: 1474 m, Ascent: 114 m
• Col De Tourmalet – Average grade: 7.4 %, Length: 19 km, Altitude start: 711 m, Altitude top: 2115 m, Ascent: 1404 m, Maximum: 10.2 %
• Col de l’Aspin – Average grade: 6.5 %, Length: 12 km, Altitude start: 710 m, Altitude top: 1489 m, Ascent: 779 m, Maximum: 10 %

To watch a terrain video of the day please click the image below:

Relive ‘Pyrenees Raid 100 Day Two’

Day 3
The team were quieter than previous days this morning after yesterdays long day in the saddle. Once again, we set off at 8:00 am with the weather forecast being for long spells of hot sunshine. The climbing started very early today. We rode 113.54 miles today and climbed for over 10,478 ft. Some of the Cols we conquered included…..
• Col de Pereyresourde – Average grade: 6.1 %, Length: 15.27 km, Altitude start: 630 m, Altitude top: 1569 m, Ascent: 939 m, Maximum: 9 %
• Col Des Ares – Average grade: 4.6 %, Length: 6.7 km, Altitude start: 487 m, Altitude top: 797 m, Ascent: 310 m
• Col De Buret – Average grade: 3.3 %, Length: 3.41 km, Altitude start: 487 m, Altitude top: 599 m, Ascent: 112 m
• Col de Portet D’Aspet – Average grade: 3.1 %, Length: 18.14 km, Altitude start: 512 m, Altitude top: 1069 m, Ascent: 557 m

To watch a terrain video of the day please click the image below:

Relive ‘Pyrenees Raid 100 – Day 3’

Day 4
The penultimate day, with the team back in good spirits as we had conquered most of this epic challenge. Today was a brutal day of climbing with five mountains to climb. And today we experienced the full extent of mountain weather. From thunderstorms, lightning, cloud, mist and temperatures that changed from 27 degrees to 14 degrees. Long descents followed even longer climbs. We rode 84.41 miles and climbed over 11,705ft of elevation.
• Col de Marmare – Average grade: 4.5 %, Length: 16.7 km, Altitude start: 605 m, Altitude top: 1361 m, Ascent: 756 m
• Port de Pailhères – Average grade: 8.1 %, Length: 14.9 km, Altitude start: 794 m, Altitude top: 2001 m, Ascent: 1207 m
• Col du Jau – Average grade: 6.7 %, Length: 13.4 km, Altitude start: 610 m, Altitude top: 1506 m, Ascent: 896 m

To watch a terrain video of the day please click the image below:

Relive ‘Pyrenees Raid 100 – Day 4’

Day 5
Lots of smiles on faces today as the team left early to ride to the coast. We had to arrive before 1 pm to complete our epic challenge in under 100 hours. The pace was high at the start, a couple of punctures and a broken stem slowed our progress, but we pushed hard and arrived in Cerbere with half an hour to spare. No mountains climbed today but a few sharp inclines as we spied the Mediterranean Sea with about 15 miles to the finish. Riding along the coast road it was with a mixture of happiness, relief and sadness that our adventure had come to an end. We rode 55.64 miles and still rose 2,574 ft on the final day.

To watch a terrain video of the day please click the image below:

Relive ‘Pyrenees Raid 100 – Day Five’

The team of seven all achieved our goals and the memories will live with us forever. The fundraising and support from so many people was very humbling. So far, we have raised over £2,000 for charity. The charity we are supporting and raising money for is About Face, a local small cancer charity.
You can read our story and donate by following this link.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who has kindly supported, encouraged and sponsored us to complete the Raid 100 Pyrenees challenge.



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