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December 20, 2021
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December 20, 2021


After months of waiting around at home, the UK business sector has received some welcome news in the last few weeks as lockdown restrictions are gradually lifted and all attention turns to one thing:

Getting back to work.

For some businesses, this has been a fairly simple process. For thousands of others, however, the current pandemic caught them completely off guard, leaving them without any means of safely re-opening their doors with adequate social distancing and other Covid-prevention measures in place.

If your business is one of them, Spaceway have got some more good news for you:

We’ve recently launched a brand new range of products purpose-built to help you overcome the unique challenges posed by the coronavirus and help your business get back on its feet.

Our desk partitions, portable screens and sanitising equipment have all been designed with modern offices in mind, creating a safe working environment for your invaluable employees while still retaining the kind of aesthetic appeal that helps make your office an enjoyable place to work.

Here’s a look at what’s in store in our new range:


Workstation Screens

You’ve done all you can to adhere to the two-meter social distancing recommendations, but you still want to do more to ensure your teams are safe and protected while working at cluster desks or in environments where workstations are within close proximity of one another.

That’s why Spaceway have come up with a range of screens and partitions to suit any office environment.

Our high-quality polycarbonate screens are made from 10mm thick clear polycarbonate and measure 750mm high, affording outstanding protection while blending in effortlessly with the contemporary design of your workspace.

We also offer 40mm high polycarbonate topper screens and premium return screens which extend 200mm beyond the work surface, making them the ideal social distancing solution for colleagues working at adjacent desks.

Elsewhere, our foam PVC topper screens and screen returns are available in a clear, white finish and are a breeze to assemble, perfect for getting your office up and running again as quickly as possible.

Finally, because we know that putting up desk walls and partitions can make some people feel just as isolated as they were on lockdown, we’ve introduced a range of attractive and practical screens made from 5mm clear acrylic.

This is the ideal option for providing all of the protection your employees need while still maintaining some of the sense of community and camaraderie that an open-plan office affords.


Counter Screens

It isn’t just your desk-bound team members who need to stay safe. Providing adequate protection for your customer-facing employees is of paramount importance.

It’s for this reason that we’ve introduced two brand new hygiene screens for counters, receptions and other public areas. Our mid-height counter screen measures 670mm tall while our extended height screen stands 950mm tall. Both are built from durable, 5mm clear acrylic with an option pass-through cut-out for customer transactions.


Mobile Screens

For hot-desking, meeting rooms, or other environments where an extra shield is required, our portable screens are built from high-strength 3mm thick acrylic with a robust 30mm aluminium frame. This provides an exceptional level of durability while still being lightweight enough to move around with ease thanks to the trim-mounted mobile feet.

Mobile screens can come with a clear acrylic for open environments or coloured acrylic for an extra level of privacy.


Social Space Screens

When they’re not hard at work, your employees need a safe, socially-distanced space where they can enjoy some quality downtime, allowing them to come back refreshed and recharged after a well-earned break.

While it’s certainly possible to wheel our portable screens into your break areas, you may prefer a more permanent solution.

That’s where our 3mm-thick acrylic social space division screens come into their own.

Screens can be linked two, three, and four ways to create shielded alcoves no matter the layout of your space, and come with a solid, 30mm aluminium frame so that you can rest assured that your screens are built to last.


Sanitising Units

Last but by no means least, we’re also proud to launch our brand new sanitiser units. These can be wall-mounted or free-standing so that you can place them in key locations throughout your premises.

We also supply two 250ml bottles of alcohol-based anti-bacterial gel. However, if you’re concerned that might not be enough for your large-scale operation, you may want to consider our larger floor-standing sanitizer unit which holds a single five-litre bottle of anti-bacterial gel, the perfect solution for busy work environments where smaller sanitiser bottles would simply be impractical.

What’s more, we can also supply sanitiser refills, so you never have to worry about running out.


Get Your Business Back to Work: Call Today For Your Free Quote

All of our social distancing solutions for your office are available now with an average six-week lead time for all products with the exception of acrylic-based solutions, which may take as much as eight weeks.

To get your business back on its feet and create a safe working environment for your invaluable employees, call Katie Amaira on 0800 085 1022 or contact us online today.

You can also download the full brochure by clicking here.

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Mark Rowe

Glenmore Consultants

The office fit out is superbly finished to the highest standards and beyond our expectations.


The project was designed to meet our specific requirements which included fitting in 20 more additional workstations using the existing space. The design works well and has met our expectations fully, we will continue to use Spaceway, they do a good job.


The project was challenging to say the least with the removal of 280 workstations and fitting of 400 new ones, along with collaboration areas and 400 bespoke lockers over two weekends, but Spaceway managed to complete this along with office refurbishment works on time and to an excellent standard.

Alan Fisher

Car Link

“I was so happy I did not get bothered throughout the extensive works and that a strict timetable was completed flawlessly. Fantastic experience all round.”

Paul Callus

Plastimo UK Limited

We are delighted with the finished product. The space has been turned into an exceptional working environment, which will serve us well for years to come

Nick Aikenhead


"I’m very pleased how they’ve gone through it all and actioned it and they’ve got good depth of resource, good depth of people, and good skilled people who work well and tightly and good communication. So I’m delighted."

A J Wells

Another project well done by Spaceway. As before, we're very pleased with everything from concept through to completion.

Stone Bridge United

We're very impressed with the Spaceway team and the whole project was installed without fault. We are looking forward to working with the team again.

Richard De Crausaz

Cookson Electronics

Spaceway worked with us to create the perfect environment for our staff. The completed project was fantastic and utilised the space to provide  practical, modern and attractive working surroundings.

Redmayne Engineering

We were delighted with the service from Spaceway.


Thank you to Spaceway for the improvements that have been made to move Bodywise forward. You've done a very good job and we look forward to working with you again.

Lydiard Park Academy

Our project was finished on time and to budget in what was a very short timescale, which is a credit to the team at Spaceway!

Greg Bedford


It’s no good having just an empty industrial building you need a concept for space, a design, an infrastructure and someone to build it. Designing something like this from scratch with someone who’s willing to invest in your ideas, Spaceway is your perfect partner.
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